We have just learned that the CDC will extend the Moratorium another 30 days through the end of July.  It has been reported that this is the last extension of the moratorium that will be granted by the CDC.

There is now the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court could rule on the lawsuit brought against the CDC for overreaching with the CDC moratorium.  If the Supreme Court were to rule against the CDC, this would curtail future governmental administrative agencies from similar overreach in the future.  So the CDC is taking a big chance with this extension.

In the meantime please remember that there are Emergency Rental Assistance Payments available through Community Advocates and the SDC.  We have recently learned that the delay with rent assistance checks from Community Advocates is that they are waiting for the next contract and allotment from Milwaukee County.  So it appears that the delay is on the County and not CA.  CA believe that all pending checks that they haven’t already switched to other funding sources will be going out soon however.

Tristan and Jen