When app-based food delivery services (like DoorDash or Grubhub) compete with restaurants, the competition can get “spicy.” Restaurants want to deliver high quality hot, fresh food that tastes good. Uber-type delivery services want to get as many orders as possible and compete with other app-based services to grow their restaurant portfolio as fast as possible. Conflict occurs when the Uber-type-food-delivery folks (like Grubhub) start placing restaurants on their websites with whom they have no contractual relationship. The relationship worsens when the delivery services then either reject an order, say that they can’t fill it, or otherwise suggest that the restaurant is closed or too busy. The bad taste in the restaurants’ mouths grows when the delivery services use the trademarks, intellectual property, or images of the restaurant to gain customers. This situation, as reported before, is playing out in lawsuits against these food delivery services across America.

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