Hi, @everyone! There is a possibility to make Open Data Day 2022 (March 4-6th, basically 5th) focused to open law. I had received a very positive feedback for this idea from Open Knowledge Foundation(OKF). BUT, to make this happen we have to decide, do we want it, and do we participate in it or not. So, first, about open law: idea is to foster legalXML in the countries, which will make law readable to machines, compatible to machines (avoids conflicting standards) in simple words we move from human readable legislation, court decisions, agreements, other legal documents to machine readable. Already, some countries have made some great steps to this direction, and you can find some use cases here, also LegalXML standards: http://www.akomantoso.org/?page_id=275. Why we need this? If we want a real AI&LAW we must do it. Otherwise,  it is only “so called AI&Law”. Next, what is a format of Open Data Day (ODD)? It is an international competition, which is organised by funding small events (300$ for each). It would be perfect to collect 18000$ for 60 small projects. So, idea is that 18K could be collected from legal and legaltech companies, which are interested in tech law. If let’s say 6 Legal Hackers chapters join for this event organisation – each could collect 3K(I can organise this part in Vilnius Legal Hackers to cover Lithuania, to collect 3-5K). The event is an international, well seen, funded also by Microsoft, UK government and etc (please check https://opendataday.org/). So, there should be not difficult to convince donors for funding. What also is needed from LH? Support OKF by giving experts to evaluate the ideas of events, which will apply for the competition, organise jury, spread the news.
Also, there will be a few keynotes broadcasted by OKF to all participants, and we need to organise speakers. We are also free to organise any related events during ODD. So, are you guys are interested that 2022 ODD would be dedicated not for environmental issues, covid issues, but for open law? :slight_smile: Let me know :wink: I see great opportunity for cooperation with OKF :wink: