Woodpecker founder and CEO, Alex Melehy, recently met with Bob Ambrogi as a guest on Bob’s How It Works series.

How It Works is a series of short, sponsored videos in which Bob, a lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster, participates in hands-on product demos.

During the demos, Bob asks the questions he thinks his readers (lawyers) would ask, differentiating these demos from one might you watch on a website, or during a sales consultation, as they include a lawyer’s perspective.

A Word add-in that is quick to install and easy to use, Woodpecker gives solo and small law firm attorneys a simple way to automate their document drafting, allowing them to effectively compete with larger firms and significantly shortening the time to deliver first draft documents to clients.

Watch the video as Bob learns about Woodpecker’s document automation and how easy it is to set up an end-to-end workflow, using online intake forms that automatically create client documents.