Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE) is pleased to announce its participation at Canada’s Expo 2020 in Dubai. CIFILE’s approach to Expo 2020 in Dubai is inspired by its steadfast commitment to developing economic and business development opportunities.

Canada’s Expo 2020 in Dubai is a global platform used to display innovation, share ideas, encourage collaboration and celebrate human ingenuity. This expo could bring together countries, companies, non-governmental organizations, multilateral organizations and millions of visitors in one place. For more information about Canada’s Expo 2020, please visit Canada’s official website here.

CIFILE will facilitate your investment in Canada. If you are interested in investing in some sectors, such as constructions, agriculture, artificial intelligence, digitization and IT, robotics, education, renewable energy, clean technology, health sciences and aerospace, this expo is an excellent place to have a new look to Canada. 

CIFILE is looking forward to seeing you at the Canada Pavilion.