United States Import Issues: The 101 on what every lawyer should know. Register HERE!

Join Harris Bricken international trade lawyer, Robert Kossick to learn about U.S. import compliance and enforcement at this FREE Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) webinar, taking place on Wednesday, January 19th at 12pm PST/3pm EST.

Among other things, Robert will discuss the following United States Import issues at this event:

  • The identity of and interrelationship between the principal sub-areas that together make up “international trade”
  • The identification and function of the main actors that enter into U.S. import transactions
  • The sources of authority which comprise the legal and administrative framework regulating U.S. import transactions
  • The dynamics associated with a typical U.S. import transaction
  • Import planning considerations and strategies
  • Import compliance obligations and practices
  • Entry, clearance, liquidation, and protest processes
  • The tools and techniques used by CBP and PGAs to exercise administrative oversight
  • The application and mitigation of administrative enforcement actions
  • Customs and trade litigation
  • Policy and practice resources

Your attendance will get you 1.00 Law & Legal Procedure credit. If you have clients that have or might have United States import issues, you do not want to miss this.

Register HERE!

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