Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced on 8 March 2022 that Malaysia will begin the “Transition to Endemic” phase for COVID-19 from 1 April 2022 (Click for link to announcement, in Bahasa Malaysia).

One SOP, nine guidelines

The government also announced that there will only be one SOP for this new phase, which is a significant simplification from the previous 181 SOPs.

There will also be nine guidelines covering transportation and travel, education and care, retail, food and beverage activities, closed workspaces, open workspaces, events, entertainment and tourist attractions, hotels and homestays, religious, marital and funeral affairs, and sports and recreational activities which “will not be enforced, but are recommendations so people can remain vigilant on the risk of Covid-19 infections when engaging in certain activities”.

A website with full details of the new SOP and guidelines is expected to be online within the next two weeks.

Changes for workplaces from 1 April 2022

These are the relevant changes for workplaces for the “Transition to Endemic” phase:

  1. The existing workplace employee capacity limits which were based on workforce vaccination coverage will no longer apply.
  2. The existing limits on operating hours for business premises will be abolished. Businesses will be permitted to operate based on the conditions stated in their relevant operating licences.
  3. Face masks will no longer be required in offices or private premises, but will still be mandatory in public places.
  4. Owners of premises must ensure that there is good ventilation.
  5. MySejahtera check-ins will continue to be required, and is only exempted for open or uncrowded spaces.
  6. MySJTrace is mandatory for enclosed spaces filled with guests or visitors.
  7. There may still be requirements for scheduled cleaning of premises depending on the industry/sector.

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