After two plus years of connecting with my colleagues via Zoom I am excited to be heading to Washington D.C. next week for two great competition law programs–the ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting and GCR Live–Cartels.

The GCR Live Cartel program is on Tuesday April 5, 2022 and has numerous panels covering topics such as labor markets cases, international cartels and other related issues.  I know many of the panelists so I’m sure this will be a great program. The ABA Spring Meeting follows (April 5-8). I love the ABA Spring meeting because of the wide range of panels and the outstanding panelists. The panelists (and audience) are people who have great experience and passion for competition law so I get the chance to hear what’s going on and where people think things are heading on the great issues of the day in competition law.

I have been going to the ABA Spring Meeting for many years. I joined the Antitrust Division in 1980 just as the Chicago School revolution was getting traction.  Is another revolution or evolution brewing today?  Seems so. It’s another pivotal moment in the history of antitrust law.  At some point it will be my last Spring Meeting so I will enjoy the knowledge, debate and catching up next week for sure.

Hope to see you next week.

Bob Connolly

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