Ethan Marcotte writes,

I just haven’t really felt much like, I dunno, being online. I’ve mostly stepped away from my public Twitter account because — well, it’s like the horse said. On top of that, I haven’t felt like writing, or doing much design work, or tinkering with this little website. It’s not that I couldn’t have used a little time with my worry stone, what with the state of [gestures around], but I just didn’t feel up to it. I’d finish work for the day, then it’d be dinner with she, playing with the kittens, maybe a video game or two. Just didn’t have fuel for anything else.

You are not alone my friend. I just finished a small research effort and I got some insights to how people are doing right now. In short: We’re all wiped. Some more than others for an array of reasons. Even those who are trying to make a comeback to what we used to refer as “normal life” are drained.

Also, in the same post Ethan talks about his newly redesigned website. I dig it, especially the new version of the logo! Nice work Beep!