On Tuesday next week – 28th June – I will be getting the train (I hope!) to London to do my second London Legal Walk. Last year I did it as part of my trio of legal walks in Liverpool, Carlisle and London. This year it is just London and then of course Liverpool in September.

The London walk is a unique experience. In 2021 there were 8500 walkers across 650 teams. Walkers include the Lord Chief Justice, members of the Supreme Court, Members of Parliament and celebrities including the legend that is Judge Rinder.

Why do we do it?

The 2022 walks come at a time when the need for free legal help has never been greater. As we head deeper into the cost of living crisis, people need help with advice on debt, housing, welfare benefits, employment and of course immigration. Law Centres and similar agencies perform a heroic service for the country in meeting that need. They are able to keep their doors open because of the support that they get from the legal profession and from charitable trusts.

My first job as a real lawyer (!) was at the Vauxhall Law Centre in Liverpool. We thought we had it tough. But with local authority funding and legal aid, we didn’t know we were born! Vauxhall is still providing fantastic support for people in inner city Liverpool –

Or how about this from the other side of the country in Suffolk –

This is the sort of work that is done across the country. Much of it gets little publicity. Where would we be without it!

The legal walks are part of the heartbeat of centres like this.

This is why we do it!

This year I am walking with a team from the Society of Labour Lawyers. You can support the cause by visiting this link –


Every penny, or fiver, or more counts!

If you are doing the walk I will be at the Knights Templar Pub from about 3.30pm. Come and say hello and share a selfie!!