Phoenix is the third highest in the nation for overall traffic fatalities

Coming out of lower numbers in 2020 due to the pandemic, there were eight fatalities involving cyclists, 97 involving pedestrians and 127 involving motor vehicles in Phoenix during 2021. This is a twenty-five percent increase from the 2019 pre-pandemic numbers. According to Kini Knudson, director of the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department, Phoenix is the third highest in the nation for overall traffic fatalities, behind only Los Angeles and Houston.

Practically every day we see red light runners going well after the light has cycled against them. Speeding is up, compounded by a lack of police officers on our City’s streets. Drag racing and drivers doing “donuts” in the middle of streets and intersections is increasing in frequency.

With these grim statistics, comes the need for better defensive cycling/walking/driving on our parts becomes more necessary. Just because you have the walk sign, do not assume that it is safe to enter the crosswalk. Just because you have a green light or arrow, do not assume that it is safe to proceed. Always, always, always look to see if you are able to proceed safely. Do not assume that others are going to stop. In fact, assume the opposite to keep you and your loved ones out of harms way.

Obviously, it is very important that we be careful, stay alert and drive defensively to watch out for ourselves and our loved ones. In this way, you will not be part of these growing statistics. If, however, you or a loved one are in an automobile accident, remember that we at Brown Accident Law are here to help.

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