Having access to extra cash flow can eliminate financial barriers before they become roadblocks for your business. Even if you have enough cash today, financing your materials is a great solution to have in your back pocket for unexpected needs in the future. 

“We were winning $400,000 jobs that we wouldn’t even go look at before. It wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities. Now it is with Materials Financing.”

– Joseph G., All Things Roofing & Solar

Taking on bigger jobs requires more cash flow to cover upfront material costs and overhead expenses within your business. Instead of depending solely on your bank account, you can expand your business and take on more lucrative jobs by financing your materials so that your cash isn’t tied up at the start of a project. 

Materials Financing is a cash flow solution that allows you to get your materials now and then pay Levelset back when you get paid. Ensuring you have a cash flow solution on deck protects you from struggling when financial emergencies arise unexpectedly.

“I think it’s awesome that we get 120-day payment terms because sometimes it can be 45 or even 60 days before we get payment from the customer.”

– Vivian B. Mesh

Growing your business requires cash. You never know when slow payment will happen and disrupt your cash flow. Too often, specialty contractors act like a bank for the construction industry, funding projects before getting paid. The time between completing a project and getting paid can range from 30 to 100 days (or more). 

Materials Financing allows you to transfer the burden of those upfront material costs to someone else and keep money in your pocket for your business’ most critical needs. Having more cash gives you the control to grow your business and choose the projects you take on without stressing about getting burned or paid late. 

“Our employees are very happy because they see I put every penny I gained back into growing this company. It’s wonderful because now that I have Levelset to finance my materials, I’m secure.” 

– Alberto Polanco, Polanco President and CEO

To grow your business, you need cash to invest in taking on more jobs and bigger jobs. But it’s also critical you have enough in the bank at all times to cover key expenses to keep your business running successfully. When you cover upfront material costs with cash from your bank account, you have less cash on hand to cover payroll, equipment needs, and other overhead expenses. 

With Materials Financing, you can use your money to hire more people, purchase new equipment, or provide professional development to meet the high demands of the construction industry. Contractors are even using Materials Financing to combat labor shortage challenges because it gives them more cash flow flexibility to offer competitive salaries.

You may currently have a workflow that works well, but as the industry changes so do the number of solutions to take your business further. 

Why not have Materials Financing in your back pocket to reach for it whenever you need it? It’s project-based, flexible, and allows you to maintain supplier relationships. Learn more here

Get materials now. Pay when you get paid. 

Enjoy 120-day payback terms with any material supplier.

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