Court filing may be a small part of your overall law practice, but it can quickly turn into a tremendously frustrating time suck.

How much time do you spend downloading and uploading court-returned copies to the correct client matter, sorting through court fees and invoices to create client invoices, and manually logging in and out of different tools?

Imagine if all these tedious tasks were automated and could be managed directly from your primary legal software.

Introducing integrated eFiling

Integrated eFiling is an innovative solution that streamlines the litigation process by connecting the many tools and systems that filers use. It’s a way to easily and securely share court, client, and case information between systems without having to manually re-enter the details into each system.

When your team painstakingly enters case and client details into your case management system or carefully adheres to version control processes with a document management system, there’s no reason to duplicate these efforts each time you need to eFile a court document. Instead, integrated eFiling can automate much of the heavy lifting by pulling these details directly into the eFiling workflow.

Integrated eFiling vs. traditional eFiling

If your firm already uses a case or document management system, you could be cutting out more than half the unnecessary steps of the traditional eFiling workflow.

traditional efiling vs integrated filing

Here’s where integrated eFiling makes the biggest difference for data entry and time savings:

  • Syncing key matter details from software tools through the eFiling portal
  • Pulling documents from core systems, rather than downloading and uploading to get them to court
  • Getting documents synced right back to the matter, rather than waiting to download and upload from emails
  • Passing through court fees and service charges to the billing section of the case management software


You can see the pattern: in traditional eFiling, there are many stopping points to locate, verify, retrieve, and add in data or documents from another location. With an integrated eFiling system, additional connection points mean that the data and documents sync automatically, making for a more streamlined solution overall.

Integrated eFiling pulls from your case management or document management software as a single source of truth for party details, matter numbers, documents, and more. It’s the latest innovation in the continuous pursuit of enhanced legal technology for a modern law firm.

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