This month my article for SLAW is all about partnership. For many associates these days partnership is no longer an attractive goal.

Many young lawyers look at partners’ lives and don’t see the appeal. The long hours, the burden of administrative tasks, and the high-stress levels don’t have much of a draw.

What if partnership offered more than this?

What if stepping into partnership meant greater agency over your career and a way to help create a better work environment for others?

There are many questions to help guide your reflection on the partnership question. If you only base your decision on how the previous generation approached partnership, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity.

The starting point is getting to know yourself better.

I have compiled some coaching questions to consider. Read the full article on SLAW here.

Across Canada, visionary law firm founders and partners are transforming law firm culture and if you are unsure or undecided, I encourage you to speak with a trusted external mentor and advisors as you consider these questions and don’t discount the partnership track too quickly.