Just like many other workers, more and more legal professionals are now working from home at least part of the time.

Why not take advantage of modern technology to make your home workspace as comfortable as possible?

Today, there are many office gadgets that can be easily deployed in a home office. Those in the legal field just need to take advantage of this opportunity.

To that end, here are some high-tech office supplies that will make your workdays in the legal field productive, satisfying — and possibly even fun!

#1. LegalBoard

LegalBoard keyboard for legal professionals

The LegalBoard is a keyboard designed specifically for the needs of attorneys and other legal professionals.

While it works as a standard keyboard, with a keystroke it can be switched into “legal mode” and provide numerous functions commonly used in the legal industry.

For example, the user can more easily add comments and footnotes or insert section or paragraph symbols (§ or ⁋).

By limiting the keystrokes (and Googling) needed to complete documents, a legal professional can dramatically boost their productivity.

#2. Smart pen


If you take notes by hand, a smart pen may be just what you need to stay organized.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen records everything you write and hear, then saves written notes and audio recordings to your computer.

The digital copies are then easier to search and edit, saving you valuable time and heartache from digging through old notepads.

#3. Portable pen scanner

Pen scanner

Speaking of unusual uses for pens, how about a pen scanner?

Portable pen scanners, such as the Executive 7 IRISPen USB Pen-Scanner, allow you to “underline” handwritten text you would like to scan. This transforms the text into a digital document that can be edited and copied as necessary.

#4. Mug warmer

Desktop mug and candle warmer

The law is a demanding field, and many legal professionals rely on coffee and tea to keep themselves going strong. But you can always get pulled away from your desk or stuck on a phone call for an extended period, allowing your warm drink to cool off.

The Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer, designed as a coaster, solves this problem by keeping your preferred liquid at the desired temperature.

It comes in multiple designs, too, so you can match your office decor. Plus, it’s far less expensive than those $100+ heated mugs and you can use it to warm candles, baby bottles, and more.

#5. Adjustable standing desk

adjustable standing and sitting desk

For those who prefer to alternate between standing and sitting during the workday, an adjustable standing desk can be an excellent choice.

The airLIFT Pro S3 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk has motorized adjustability using buttons on the side of the table. You can also select the option of a dry-erase surface, allowing you to take quick notes with a marker right on the table itself.

#6. Desk cable management clips

cable and wire management clips

The task of finding and repositioning various cables, such as the charging cable for your laptop, can be a daily frustration and leave your workspace cluttered.

Desk cable management clips can be attached to a flat surface, such as your desk or a wall, and the cables can be run through the slots.

This allows you to position the cable conveniently –- such as by snaking your cable behind your desk –- and always be able to find it. If you have a lot of electronics in your office, you’ll be glad for this little purchase.

#7. reMarkable 2.0 digital tablet

remarkable digital tablet for taking notes

For those who like to take handwritten notes, a digital tablet could serve you well.

The reMarkable 2.0 digital tablet allows the user to save digital copies of handwritten notes, which can be emailed or uploaded directly from the device.

This digital tablet is designed to feel like paper and has an “eraser” on the stylus which allows for easy revisions. If you think better with the tactile feel of a pen and paper, this device can give you the best of both worlds.

#8. Mini desk hoover

henry hoover cute desktop vacuum

The Henry Hoover is a mini desk vacuum that can help you keep your workspace clean.

Despite being only a few inches tall, it can suck up dust and crumbs and includes a bendable hose to allow cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

And the smiley face on this vacuum just might keep your spirits up during long workdays. Isn’t it cute?

#9. Aromatherapy machine & humidifier

desktop humidifier and oil diffuser

Legal professionals truly looking to make their workspace as pleasant as possible may want to look into humidification and aromatherapy.

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is a palm-sized humidifier that also acts as an aromatherapy diffuser, filling your office with scents that could lift your mood and relieve stress.

It also has a mood light that can be switched between 8 different colors, allowing you to create the work atmosphere your heart desires.

#10. Smart art

digital art canvas

When you want to bring the art of museums and galleries into your workspace, smart art may be an excellent solution.

The Meural Canvas II is a smart art frame with a digital canvas that can showcase any piece from Meural’s extensive digital library.

You can also display photographs, including your own, and switch images by simply swiping your hand in front of the frame. It’s available in multiple frame options to match your office decor.

#11. Adjustable laptop stand

adjustable laptop stand

Many laptop users will want to adjust their laptops to minimize discomfort and be able to work in different positions, such as sitting, standing, or even lying down.

The WonderWorker Einstein Adjustable Laptop Desk is compact, foldable, and will hold your laptop at any angle.

It comes equipped with a side mouse pad and two built-in silent fans to keep the laptop cool.

#12. Under desk elliptical machine

elliptical to put under your desk

With long workdays, it can be difficult for legal professionals to find time to maintain their physical fitness.

The Cubii Under Desk Elliptical can sit under your desk and allow you to fit in pedaling exercises while you work.

You can set the resistance level, and a digital display will track your performance by distance traveled, calories burned, and other metrics.

Looking for other ideas to get moving at work? Download our free printable cheat sheets with exercises, tips, and more to help you fit a little more healthy movement into your day.

Daily wellness cheat sheets

What do you use?

This is just a sampling of the many home-office gadgets and accessories that could liven up your home workspace. The legal profession will always be demanding, which makes it all the more important that your home office setup keeps you positive and energized.

The most important gadget in your office is the one that you love and use everyday. If that’s just your computer, fine. If it’s one of those stress relief magnet sculptures, great.

We hope this post gave you some ideas and made you smile!

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