The $3.1 Billion settlement reached with Walmart is another significant milestone in the fight against the nation’s opioid crisis. This agreement addresses the pharmacy chain’s contributing role to the opioid epidemic by failing to regulate opioid prescriptions at its stores. Settlement funds will be used in programs to address the fallout from opioid abuse, including treatment, recovery, and abatement. Additionally, Walmart will be court-ordered to comply with an oversight plan to prevent future fraudulent prescriptions and red-flag suspicious prescriptions.

“Our PEC opioid settlement team and AG group have been laser-focused on signing this deal for months. I am proud of the hard work on both sides, which brings much-needed relief to our communities. Much thanks to our team and it is a privilege to work with Chris Seeger, Peter Mougey, Paul Geller, Jayne Conroy, Elizabeth Cabraser, Joe Rice, and Steve Skikkos,” said Napoli Shkolnik Partner and Plaintiff Executive Committee member Hunter J. Shkolnik.

“We understand that families and communities have lost loved ones and we hope that this settlement, which also looks towards the future, helps in healing and rebuilding lives,” adds Partner Salvatore C. Badala.

Napoli Shkolnik’s Landmark Cases in Opioid Litigation

Since 2021, Napoli Shkolnik’s Opioid Trial Team has won landmark cases in opioid litigation. In December 2021, a jury found Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. and five other companies responsible for causing a public nuisance in Nassau County, New York, by minimizing the addictiveness of opioids with misleading marketing. Napoli Shkolnik partners Hunter Shkolnik, Salvatore Badala, Joseph Ciaccio, and the firm’s Opioid Trial Team represented Nassau County in that trial.

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