The holiday season brings out the charitable giving spirit in all of us. Unfortunately, scammers know this as well, which is why they’re very active this time of year. In fact, according to the FBI, during the 2021 holidays, scammers raked in about $500 million, mostly from non-delivery and nonpayment scams.

Do Your Research

Charity Navigator and Charity Watch are two excellent resources for ensuring the validity of a charity. The IRS and some other government agency sites, like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, also maintain charity organization databases.

Focus on official reviews as opposed to Google reviews. Individual reviews are helpful, but remember that almost anyone can say almost anything online.

Avoid High-Pressure Sales Tactics

If a representative insists that you need to give now, that’s a red flag. A solid charitable organization understands that donors have money to give, but they don’t have money to burn.

There’s the pressure when victims look for lawyers as well. The law limits the amount of time these victims have to act. Furthermore, victims/plaintiffs have the burden of proof in court. Therefore, it’s important for a lawyer to act quickly and preserve evidence for trial. However, none of these things mean a victim has to make a decision on the spot.

Charities and PACs

Some “charities” aren’t charities. Rather, they are PACs (political action committees) with clever names that entice people into giving.  Before you give, click here to find a complete PAC database, so you know where your money is going.

Similarly, not all personal injury firms are looking out for your best interest. Many lawyers simply handle a few cases on the side, mostly for existing clients. Attorneys who lack dedication to personal injury almost always look for quick settlements, so they can move on different matters.

A New York personal injury attorney should also be accessible. When you have questions about your case, your lawyer should answer them.

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