Chapter 15 of Visual Litigation and Today’s Technology focuses on the six prerequisites for an effective courtroom presentation. Those requirements are described as follows: 

Six prerequisites must be fulfilled before you can effectively display visuals in a courtroom. First, if the courtroom is not fully technologically equipped, counsel will need to provide the required hardware, such as a computer, tablet, screen, projector, cords and so on. Second, counsel will need to adhere to the court’s rules and procedures. Third, counsel will need backups in case of a technological failure. Fourth, the person who is going to operate the technology needs to test the equipment and practice using it. Fifth, the courtroom must be staged properly so the audience can see and hear what is being shown. Sixth, courtroom communication between the trial lawyer and operator of the equipment must produce a smooth presentation of the visual. 

The video clip from Jury Duty, which is a truly hilarious movie, is a perfect illustration of a violation of the fourth and fifth prerequisites. Watch it and enjoy