In my 30 years as an estate attorney I have not yet been asked if a client can leave their tattoo to a loved one. However, after seeing this article maybe that’s going to start happening!? This Ohio mortuary is doing just that. They will preserve your tats for your loved ones. Yes, really! So get in to your estate planning attorney and update your plan to include this if it’s important to you and to them!

This part of the article especially caught my eye. Makes sense but I hadn’t thought about it… how would they practice, right!? Here’s what the article says: “They needed practice. So they worked with tummy tuck patients to pay for tattoos on areas of skin that would be removed that they could then work to preserve.”

I actually spoke to a friend of mine who owns a tattoo shop. He wasn’t surprised by this. He said he knew of a tattoo artist in Arizona who would tattoo your whole body for free but you had to will your body to him at death as he would then sell the artwork. Not sure who or where exactly but that’s an interesting concept right there!

If this is something you want to investigate you should talk to your estate planning attorney and I would talk to some local mortuary’s to see if they are doing this yet.

Here’s that link again.


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