In the world of intellectual property (“IP”), there are four categories under which your IP may fall: A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. View Full Post
Issues to Consider When Drafting Your Cannabis Licensing Agreement Last week I had the pleasure of attending the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) Annual Meeting in Seattle, where trademark practitioners from around the world convened to geek out on all things brand-related. One of the prevalent topics of conversation was trademark licensing. View Full Post
California Cannabis: San Luis Obispo Slowly Proceeds Toward Regulation As of May 1, the City of San Luis Obispo is one step closer to permitting adult-use cannabis retail stores. At its most recent meeting, council members approved the first reading of a draft ordinance intended to regulate marijuana businesses. Currently, Ordinance 1633 which was adopted in March 2017, expressly prohibits all commercial and industrial, medical and recreational cannabis activity within city limits. View Full Post
Filing a Defensible Cannabis Trademark Application: The Bona Fide Intent Requirement An issue we’ve seen with increasing frequency among clients and prospective clients alike is a misunderstanding of the basic requirements for obtaining federal trademark protection in the United States. We’ve worked through the issues surrounding federal registration of cannabis and cannabis-goods before, and it is common practice in the cannabis industry to obtain federal trademark protection for ancillary goods and services that do not violate the Controlled Substances Act. View Full Post
Cannabis Trademarks in Canada are Attainable, Even for U.S. Companies Some U.S. companies are looking north for trademark protection With U.S. federal trademarks being impossible to obtain for cannabis goods and services that violate the Controlled Substances Act, my trademark clients are beginning to ask questions about their options for international trademark protection. View Full Post