Charlie Arnot

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Charlie is CEO of the Center for Food Integrity and president of CMA, a consulting company with offices in Missouri, Iowa and Ohio. The Center for Food Integrity is a national non-profit organization dedicated to building consumer trust and confidence in the U.S. food system.

In his role as president of CMA, Charlie and the CMA team work with companies and associations across the food system to develop and implement sustainable solutions in issues management, public relations, strategic facilitation and marketing communications.

Prior to founding CMA, Charlie spent 10 years as vice president of communications and public affairs for Premium Standard Farms. Additionally, he's worked for a public relations agency, was an award-winning radio journalist, and worked in video and film. Charlie grew up in southeast Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. Charlie is an ex-officio member of the CFI Board of Directors.

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