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Colby D. Duren is a Washington D.C.-based attorney with nearly 10 years of experience in federal Indian law and policy, with a specific focus on food, agriculture and natural resources issues. Currently, Duren is the policy director and staff attorney for the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative at the University of Arkansas School of Law, where he is also an LL.M. candidate in the Agricultural and Food Law Program.

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Editor’s note: This essay is a 2017 runner up for the “Publisher’s Award” and was written as part of a food safety litigation class at the University of Arkansas Law School taught by Bill Marler and Denis Stearns of the Seattle law firm MarlerClark LLP. “And how would you like your steak cooked?” the waiter asked. “Well done, please,” I replied with a pause waiting for the inevitable response back. “Are you sure?” the waiter questioned.…