EVENT: President Trump’s Imact on International (and China) Business, March 8 in Seattle AND Online President Trump’s presidency has changed the trade relationship between China and the United States, of that there can be no doubt. But how and what other changes are in store? For answers to these questions and a whole lot more, I urge you to go to One Year In: The Trump Administration’s Impact on Key International Business Regulatory Areas.  View Full Post
China Trademarks and The Real Life Meaning of First to File* When talking about the China market one of the first things China experts often mention is that China is a first-to-file country. In short, this means (with very few exceptions whoever files first for a trademark owns it. The policy can cause countless headaches for brands interested in China, and even for those who are not. View Full Post
Legal Protections for Sports Broadcasts in China — A USPTO NCAC Conference, Beijing, June 23 On Friday June 23, in collaboration with the National Copyright Administration of China, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will be putting on a one-day conference on legal protections for sports broadcasts. This event will take place at the Novotel Beijing Peace Hotel and run from 9:00 a.m. View Full Post
2nd Annual China-US Entertainment Law Conference, Beijing, June 21st The leader of our China entertainment group, Mathew Alderson, will be speaking on a panel at Peking University School of Law on June 21st. The panel is entitled “Looking Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges.” It will be part of the 2nd Annual China-US Entertainment Law Conference, presented by Peking University School of Law, the US Patent and Trademark Office, Loyola Law School Los Angeles, and the Beijing Film Academy. View Full Post
Is Mexico Really Better Without China? The following is a guest post by Adrián Cisneros Aguilar.* A Spanish language translation is directly below the English version. Jorge Guajardo, Mexico’s former Ambassador to China, recently published an opinion piece titled “Dejemos a China por la Paz” [“Let’s Leave China for Good”], which was quickly and enthusiastically retweeted by Jorge Castañeda, former Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs and one of the leading shapers of Mexican foreign policy. View Full Post