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Learn and Share. Those are the two priorities I live by. Be open to new perspectives in life and share the ones that changed yours. As an Engagement Manager at LexBlog I just happen to have the amazing opportunity to help some of the most knowledgable men and women in the legal arena share their much needed insights on topics affecting people all over the world.

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SCOTUS decisions, New Amendments and Brexit all battle for the top spot on LXBN today: Senate Hearing: Ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Kingdomware Decision – Richard Arnholt, Bryan King & Todd Overman of Bass Berry & Sims write on Government Contracts & International Trade blog. SCOTUS Issues Bernard DecisionDan Koewler of Ramsay Law Firm writes on Minnesota DWI Defense. Supreme Court Tie Blocks Expansion of DACA and Creation of DAPA – KoKo
Today, on LXBN we explore everything from scary marijuana death claims to disciplining lawyers sleeping on the job (don’t we pay them enough to stay awake!). Check out the Top 10 for Thursday: Death by Cannabis Lawsuits – Harris Moure lawyer Hilary Bricken writing from the Canna Law Blog The Continued Attempt to End Shale Development in Colorado—This Time Through the Voter Initiative – BakerHostetler lawyer Kendall Kash writing from the North America Shale Blog Having Re-Thought its 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi