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Dennis Keith has more than 20 years of restaurant experience, serving in both management and regulatory capacities. He has worked as a licensed environmental health scientist for the last 8 years. As founder and CEO of the consulting company Respro Food Safety Professionals, he uses his expertise to help restaurant owners and managers in Utah create and implement food safety programs that make a sustained improvement, reducing the chance of foodborne illness.

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I’ve never been on a cruise, but my mother loves them. The idea of living in a confined space with 3,000 other shipmates for an extended period of time scares me. So when I see stories about the recent tragedies with the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra, my fears seem justified. These tragedies, however, overshadow another problem that the cruise industry deals with every day — norovirus. This stowaway has been wreaking havoc on cruises…
The recent and prolific sprout outbreaks that have plagued Jimmy John’s customers have certainly caused a stir in the restaurant community. Should sprouts remain on the menu? Jimmy John’s, Jason’s Deli and Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop apparently all pulled raw sprouts off the menu because of these recent outbreaks. Walmart made the decision in 2010 not to carry them. Should all food establishments follow their lead? Sprouts and Illness Sprouts have a long history
Headlines about another restaurant involved in an outbreak are almost a daily occurrence now. Some major restaurant chains have had at least one outbreak. It begs the question, why? In my experience working with the restaurant industry on food safety, I come across a lot of resistance from operators who are naïve about their chances of contributing to an outbreak. They simply don’t think it will ever happen to them. Many people took notice of…