James H. Hodges

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As executive vice president of the American Meat Institute, James Hodges oversees AMI's food safety and inspection related regulatory activities. On behalf of the Institute's members, he interfaces with USDA on matters related to oversight and assurance of food safety in federally inspected meat plants. He also oversees all initiatives undertaken by the AMI Foundation. Since, 1984, he has served in a variety of key positions at AMI, including senior vice president of regulatory affairs and his most recent role as president of the AMI Foundation. Prior to joining AMI, Hodges worked for USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Earlier in his career, he was employed in the meat industry in research and development and quality assurance capacities.

Hodges earned a B.S. in food science from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo., and an M.S. in meat science from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

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