Law firm Grant & Eisenhofer – financial backers of litigation funder Bench Walk Advisors – recently celebrated the largest-ever shareholder settlement in EU history; a $1.5B payout. One might assume that such an enormous settlement would spur future shareholder litigation in Dutch courts, however the terms of the settlement may actually discourage similar shareholder claims. View Full Post
Hong Kong Singapore, Hong Kong Singapore… when funders discuss Asian markets, it’s all they seem to talk about. With good reason, I suppose. But that won’t be true for very long. As global funders flush with capital look to expand their footprints ever further afield, nearby jurisdictions where third party funding (TPF) is either not prohibited or expressly permitted will soon be on everyone’s radar. View Full Post
Travis Lenkner, founding member of Gerchen Keller Capital, which was acquired by Burford Capital last year, and co-founder of Chicago-based no-win / no-fee boutique law firm Keller Lenkner, has been making the media rounds lately in support of his former boss Brett Kavanaugh – President Trump’s pick to succeed Justice Kennedy to the Supreme Court. View Full Post