Mirriam Kutha

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Mirriam Kutha, candidate in the LLM Program University of Arkansas (Agricultural and Food Law).  She also holds an LLB (Honors) from the University of Malawi and a Certficate in Growing Solutions to End Hunger from the ONE Campaign and WFP USA. Her professional experience includes being an Assistant Lecturer in Law at the University of Malawi and a Senior Resident Magistrate Judiciary Malawi.

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Food safety is one of the most ignored areas of policy in low-income countries, especially in Africa. As a result, food systems in these countries are not always as well organized and comprehensive as in the industrialized world. This situation is exacerbated by an ever-growing population, rapid urbanization and, most importantly, a lack of the economic and technical resources needed to support a sound food safety system. As a result, people in developing countries are…