We previously published Part 1 of our survey of interesting and important developments in Canadian insolvency and restructuring matters in 2017. This post is the second and final part  – with an additional seven highlights and cases. You can also find a printable version containing the complete “Top Insolvency Cases and Highlights from 2017” bulletin on our website. View Full Post
Last week, President Trump unveiled his proposal to fix our nation’s aging infrastructure. While the proposal lauded $1.5 trillion in new spending, it only included $200 billion in federal funding. To bridge this sizable gap, the plan largely relies on public private partnerships (often referred to as P3s) that can use tax-exempt bond financing. View Full Post
Defendants in lead cases in California took a notable hit last year when an intermediate appellate panel affirmed the trial court ruling. Now, the case is said to be headed for SCOTUS, as explained in a February 20, 2018 post at the Institute for Legal Reform. View Full Post
Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors could Violate the NLRA By Zoe Vermeulen Deciding whether to classify workers as employees or independent contractors is an ongoing issue for companies. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors can draw the ire of federal and state agencies – including the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor, and state workers’ compensation agencies – and can subject employers to back taxes, penalties, lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and more. View Full Post
2017 was quite the year for attacks on and perceptions of “leading” public figures and institutions. In view of the new indictments by Mr. Mueller and other evenst, there are ample reasons to think  2018 will exceed 2017 as to attacks and perceptions of “leaders” and institutions. View Full Post
SCOTUSblog includes a February 16, 2018 announcement of two interesting events as to predicting outcomes at SCOTUS. The entry is pasted below in full since the point seems to be to spread the word. _______________________________________________________________________________ “Event announcement: The Supreme Court and wisdom of the crowds On February 21 at 12:45 p.m. View Full Post