Running a website is tough. You are forced to where a lot of hats or hire a lot of professionals to achieve your goals.

At LexBlog, we learned very early that we needed to wear all those hats for our customers and the first thing we needed to master was web hosting.

Hosting needs to seem like magic, something you never need to think about. We have done our best to make that a reality. Our team is made up of WordPress experts who understand what it takes to keep even the most popular blog humming and this is how we do it.

Your content and features should never be compromised because of stability issues. The latest feature your followers will love? It should work every time, without question. That’s why we work hard to ensure 24/7 stability. We manage industry-leading plugins along with in-house development and rigorously test updates. With our nightly off-site backup system, rest assured your content will be saved and safe. With LexBlog’s uptime of better than 99.99%, you can sleep soundly knowing your page will load quickly and consistently.

Optimized performance
Our modern publishing platform has amazingly fast load times, even in cases of spikes in traffic (when your post goes viral). We monitor the LexBlog Platform and analyze reports to help improve page speed. Grow your audience with no worries: we include unlimited traffic and bandwidth at optimal speeds.

Secure hosting
Protecting you and your readers from hackers is a priority we take very seriously. We have enterprise-grade barriers between your sites and threats, including multiple firewalls, DDoS mitigation, HTTPS everywhere and network analysis monitoring tools. Plus we regularly run third-party malware scan software and enforce strong password standards to keep your readers and users secure.

Expert Support
The best feature of LexBlog may just be our world-class support and service. Our team of tech pros work daily on maintaining our network, so publishing is fast, seamless and simple. But if you ever hit a snag, we offer an array of support options, from our ever-growing knowledge base to our member-only webinars and Customer Support Team.