The LexBlog Platform's AI Assistant

Introducing Lou, an AI assistant designed for legal professionals and their digital publishing. With Lou, your firm’s bloggers and legal experts can improve their efficiency and consistency, showcasing their thought leadership. Lou is currently in the alpha phase, being refined for real-world readiness. Here’s what Lou can do so far...

Why Lou?

Save your lawyers’ time.

Your lawyers can utilize Lou to publish posts and articles 30 percent faster than they were before.

Simplify the publishing process for marketing teams.

Lou is great at knocking out some of the more tedious tasks—like coming up with post ideas or summarizing a piece’s key takeaway.

Social sharing made easier.

Looking for good tweet copy but need some help understanding the post? Lou is there. Shorter versions of blog posts make great LinkedIn shares—Lou can summarize those.

Let Lou inspire you.

The hardest part of blogging is often just getting started. Ask Lou for post ideas in your niche. Then ask Lou to create some possible sections for a good post idea. Then you’re all set.


Interested in staying updated on the latest changes we’re making to Lou? Our Product Director is thrilled to share the latest updates on how we’re improving Lou. Check out the posts below to stay in the loop and subscribe for more.