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Guiding companies around the world, Adams Contracts Consulting LLC develops clear effective templated contracts. Automating templates, through an annotated online questionnaire is just one way they assist companies save time, money, and reduce risk. Acknowledged internationally as the leading authority on contract language, Ken Adams the president and founder, developed the groundwork of the company’s efforts through his extensive expertise.

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The pandemic has aggravated my tendency to lurk on EDGAR, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s database where public companies file their “material” contracts. Now I dream up the weirdest things I can think of, then I look for them on EDGAR. “Throat-clearing” is when a redundant verb structure is tacked on to the front […] The post More Throat-Clearing Madness! appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
The legal profession has a love-hate relationship with technology. On the one hand, lawyers are, uh, challenged when it comes to using basic technology. And technology vendors tend to grouse that selling to lawyers is a hassle. On the other hand, the legal profession is prone to spasms of enthusiasm over technology. It periodically throws […] The post Contract Creation Is the Stepchild of the Contracts Process appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.…
Yesterday someone mentioned to me the phrase as between the parties. I hadn’t ever looked at that phrase before, so off to EDGAR I went: If any of the provisions of this Amendment are inconsistent with or in conflict with any of the provisions of the Principal Agreement then, to the extent of any such […] The post “As Between the Parties”? No Thanks appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that for more than two years I’ve been an advisor to LegalSifter, the artificial-intelligence company that helps you review draft contracts. It’s been a rewarding experience, working to infuse the product with expertise. And it has allowed me to explore contract language in ever greater detail. Furthermore, working […] The post Artificial Intelligence, Contracts, and Expertise: Join My 25 June Conversation with Kevin Miller, LegalSifter’s CEO appeared first…
It’s worse than pointless to enumerate the elements in a definition section: it clutters up the works. The elements are in alphabetical order. That by itself is enough of an organizational framework. Nevertheless, some people enumerate the elements in a definition section. The normal way would be to have the first element be, say, section […] The post Deranged Definition-Section Enumeration appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
I’ve previously touched on “future facts”—statements regarding circumstances in the future—but I haven’t addressed the topic head-on. I fix that with this post. The Conventional Wisdom It’s easy to find future facts in contracts. What the ABA Model Stock Purchase Agreement says about future facts sums up the conventional wisdom: “Representations are statements of past […] The post Future Facts? Don’t Use Them appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
I’ve spent some quality time lately with definitions of the defined term Event of Default. And I’ve seen some strange things. Here are three examples: enjoy! Here it seems as if the definition contains the defined term: The example below is basically the same, except the defined-term parenthetical is shifted earlier in the sentence, without […] The post More Weirdness in Creating Defined Terms appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
Check out the highlighted sentences: Section 12.1 says how Myovant is required to pay invoices. Section 11.2 says Myovant is required to pay a given invoice in accordance with 12.1. In other words, section 11.2 imposes an obligation to comply with an obligation. If it were somehow unclear whether section 12.1 applies to section 11.2, […] The post It Doesn’t Make Sense to Impose an Obligation to Comply with an Obligation appeared first on Adams
These days I live something of an incrementalist life. For example, in an overnight switch I now pour oat milk, instead of cow’s milk, on my industrial quantities of granola, but I don’t expect to give up cheese anytime soon. And in an attempt stop using so many paper towels and so much plastic wrap, […] The post Why I’m an Absolutist in My Pursuit of Clearer Contracts appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting