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Guiding companies around the world, Adams Contracts Consulting LLC develops clear effective templated contracts. Automating templates, through an annotated online questionnaire is just one way they assist companies save time, money, and reduce risk. Acknowledged internationally as the leading authority on contract language, Ken Adams the president and founder, developed the groundwork of the company’s efforts through his extensive expertise.

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Here’s something I tweeted this week: Tonight’s question: What acronym have you seen used in a contract as the defined term for that contract? Off the top of my head, I recall having seen NDA, MSA, and CRADA. (I’m not endorsing this practice!) — Ken Adams (@AdamsDrafting) September 22, 2020 Here are the examples people […] The post Don’t Use an Acronym for a Contract’s References to Itself! appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting
I love me some effective government services. For example, I recall how a few years ago I realized at midnight one night that I needed to get a new passport for my grand seminar tour of Asia. My flight for Tokyo was leaving early evening the next day. Thanks to the passport office on Houston […] The post Government Discount for “Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass”! appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
This past week I wrapped up the first three series (apart from trial series) of my new online course Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass. On thing that’s clear is that for many people, pandemic life is hectic. I ended up moving several people to a later series because of some crisis or other. And plenty of […] The post Masterclass: Some Early Feedback appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
I’m the how-to-say-it-clearly guy, and I’m pleased with my lot. But it follows that except with respect to basic commercial provisions, I don’t tackle what you should say in a contract. That’s why I take my hat off to Law Insider for this installment in what appears to be a podcast series called The Contract […] The post Martin Clausen on Oracle’s Software License and Services Agreement appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.…
Dale Carnegie, an early-twentieth-century U.S. writer and lecturer on self-improvement, famously said, “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” Whatever the merits of that gem, it doesn’t apply to contracts. In particular, don’t say what you’re going to say, as in this example: This agreement states […] The post Some Dale Carnegie Advice Contract Drafters Shouldn’t Follow appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
MSCD 4.34 says that in a set of enumerated clauses, the period should occur at the end of the last enumerated clause. This post is about what it can look like if you don’t do that. Consider the sentence above. (It’s a long one.) All we’re concerned with is the initial set of enumerated clauses […] The post Ending Enumerated Clauses Not with a Bang, But with a Period appeared first on Adams on Contract
A few days ago I encountered the word coterminous for the first time … ever? Of course, it was in a contract. Here’s the Blacks Law Dictionary definition: coterminous (koh-tər-mə-nəs) adj. (18c) 1. (Of ideas or events) coextensive in time or meaning <Judge Smith’s tenure was coterminous with Judge Jasper’s>. Is coterminous a worthwhile term […] The post “Coterminous” appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
Recently I did this post prompted by an exchange with a reader. That exchange started with my reader asking this question: How do you stay on top of contract dispute cases that deal with imprecision of language, as you discuss on your website? Are there certain search terms you use in Westlaw? I have tried […] The post Wading Through Caselaw Probably Isn’t a Good Use of Your Time appeared first on Adams on Contract
This is the first of two posts prompted by what a reader said in a recent exchange of emails. Here’s one thing they said: On more than one occasion, a colleague has used the term “academic” as a pejorative to describe my interest in an issue. For example, “well, let’s try to stay away from […] The post Improving Contracts Isn’t a Matter of “Academic” Versus “Practical” appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.…
Today we salute Meade Ali. Meade is a longtime reader, but he also happens to be a participant in one of the current series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass. It was in that capacity that he laid it on me: in chapter 3, in table 1, on page 52, example [1-2b] is marked with two […] The post Fix this Glitch on Page 52 of MSCD Fourth Edition appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting