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Alli Gerkman is Senior Director at IAALS, where she leads the organization’s work to improve delivery of legal services, including work in legal education and the legal profession. She directed one of IAALS’ cornerstone projects to identify the key foundations entry-level lawyers need to be effective as employees in their organizations and as counsel to their clients. This work is being used by law schools, law firms, and bar associations across the country, and it laid the groundwork for IAALS’ latest projects on licensing and regulation. In 2017, Gerkman was awarded the Colorado Women’s Bar Foundation Raising the Bar Award for her contributions to systemic improvements in legal education and the legal system; in 2018, she was honored as one of Denver’s 40 Under 40; and in 2019, she is the recipient of the Colorado Women’s Bar Association’s highest honor, the Mary Lathrop Trailblazer Award.

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I was in a writing workshop, reading aloud an essay related to my cancer, when the instructor asked, “Who are you writing this for? Others who have been through your experience? Or people who haven’t?”

Good questions.

“The dead don’t

I have had the same hairstyle since middle school. This is not an exaggeration. Mid-length, side part, minimal fuss. I don’t use fancy products beyond shampoo and conditioner. I blow it dry every day (unless I’m on vacation—particularly in a