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Founded in 2014, Astro,Esq. set out to be a leading resource for young professionals interested in space law. After a relaunch, Astro, Esq. utilized existing practitioner coverage to offer more solutions to students and professionals wishing to enhance their career by learning about space law.

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This week I interview Charity Weeden, Vice President of Global Space Policy at Astroscale.
We talk about orbital debris, global harmonization, and how orbital mechanics can explain a lot about life. We also discuss careers in the military and

Since I started the podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing nine professionals in space law and policy. And I asked each guest what space law and policy means, at least to them.
For my first special, I’ve compiled their

On this episode, I interview Dr. Andrea Harrington, Associate Professor at Air Command & Staff College at Air University.
We talk about the importance of space security to the future of space development, I inadvertently understate her thesis, and she

Listen to me interview a friend and mentor of mine, Dr. Diane Howard. We talk about changing careers, inviting yourself to sit at the table, and her work on Space Traffic Management.
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