Founded by an attorney, a product developer, and a digital product manager, Autto seeks to automate the legal industry through building customized workflows for common legal processes.

All businesses want to deliver products and services to market faster, provide better customer experiences and achieve memorable business results. Unfortunately, most traditional organisations find themselves stymied by siloed processes that prevent resources and information from being shared among departments

Legal document automation is a boon for law firms, paralegals, and even consumers of legal services. In the past, lawyers spent a lot of hours creating and managing legal documents. But with the invention of legal document automation tools, lawyers

How your business can survive (and even thrive) through digital transformation?
Digital transformation (DX) is currently the single most important force in business and innovation.  Leveraging its 13,000 agencies-strong network, DesignRush reported that companies with digital-first strategies are 64% more