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As healthcare laws are ever-evolving, the latest shift in the industry centers around value-based care. In fact, value-based care has recently become exceedingly popular, because it seeks to streamline healthcare while also cutting costs. It is both patient- and practice-centric.
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Quebec recently made changes to its publicity contests rules. The rules, which require publicity contests to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements in order to operate in Quebec, now exempt international publicity contests from some of those constraints due to
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Employers that contribute to multiemployer fringe benefit plans are generally aware of the financial risks associated with these plans.  In addition to making regular contributions to these plans required by their collective bargaining agreements, these employers are subject to periodic
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Employers who wish to sponsor foreign national employees through the PERM Labor Certification process should take special note of the settlement agreements announced by Department of Justice (DOJ), Civil Rights Division, Immigrant and Employees Rights Section (IER) and Department of
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According to various news reports, a White House official stated that foreign travelers subject to the various travel bans will be able to enter the U.S. as of November 8 without obtaining a National Interest Exception (NIE) due to
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