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At Fleming & Curti, P.L.C., our practice is limited to Elder Law. We concentrate on Guardianship and Conservatorship, Long-Term Care (Medicaid) Planning, Estate Planning and Probate. We are located in Tucson, Arizona.

The firm began in 1984, when Tom Curti and Robert Fleming became partners. The two had, however, been partners before — from their common law school graduation (in 1976) until 1979. They had also shared office space for two years before formalizing the “new” partnership.

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What happens when our clients become incapacitated? We worry a lot about the right message for family members — and our clients themselves. We’ve adopted some basic rules and approaches.
What’s the problem?
When we prepare estate planning documents for

Often estate planning clients come in with specific goals for their estate plan. They may want to disinherit someone, or leave their estate to charity. They may want a specific types of estate plan after reading about it online. Their

Estate taxes are assessed on the value of your assets including your retirement benefits, real estate, and life insurance. At the time of this newsletter, the federal estate tax exemption is currently $13.61 million per person for deaths in 2024.

When you give a gift to someone in trust, you get to decide who benefits from that gift after the initial beneficiary’s death, if there are still assets in the trust, but you do not have to. Another option is