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By Zachary Margulis-OhnumaAfter subjecting her to thirty-three months of living hell, the Supreme Court of the State of New York has finally, finally, finally dismissed the charges against Tracy McCarter, a battered woman whose husband died while he was attacking

The protagonist of the legendary Serial podcast that put the scourge of questionable convictions into millions of ears in 2014 was set free yesterday after 24 years in prison. Adnan Syed, 17 at the time, was convicted of stabbing his

By Zach Margulis-OhnumaShe sat in front of me, bald, shellshocked, speechless, drug addled.The government had charged her with moving massive quantities of GBL and meth, gal Friday to a big-time drug dealer working the nightclubs.She was looking at a ten-year

As Justice Lewis Powell wrote in 1980 in Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Serv. Commission, “there is no de minimis exception for a speech restriction that lacks sufficient tailoring or justification.”Even for someone convicted of a sex