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Contracts are an essential component of any business, particularly if you have established relationships with other businesses or clients. When devising a strong business contract, the focus should be on reducing risk and ensuring all parties fully understand their responsibilities.

Also known as MOE, a merger of equals occurs when two companies of a similar size combine to form a new entity.
After a merger of equals, the independent companies cease to exist and all their assets are transferred to

As a business owner, a website is an essential tool that will help you increase the brand awareness of your company and reach more potential clients.
However, you must be aware that your website needs to comply with certain regulations

What is a contract review?
A contract review is the process of thoroughly examining the key provisions of an agreement. The objective of a contract review is to confirm the enforceability of the contract and ensure it has fair and

What is a commercial contract?
Commercial contracts are legally binding agreements that govern business transactions between two or more parties.
Commercial agreements, also called “B2B” or “business-to-business” contracts, will establish the terms of a business relationship and any commercial activity

While a franchisor is the owner and administrator of a licensed business model, the franchisee operates the business and benefits from it by buying the rights to use the business model and its brand’s trademarks.
What is the relationship between

What is transactional law?
Transactional law refers to the legal practices that guide commercial dealings between businesses and other companies, individuals, or organizations. This area of business law governs the planning, negotiation, and document drafting related to the transfer of

What is due diligence in M&A?
In Mergers and Acquisitions, due diligence is the process of doing in-depth research on the target business to verify the veracity of the provided information and the potential profitability of the business acquisition.