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Partners of professional practices spend their entire careers focused on protecting the interests of their clients.  This can sometimes be at the expense of their own planning.

We are pleased to share with you the recording from our recent Professional
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The success and stability of any professional services firm will often depend on its ability to retain its best people. There are of course many “push” and “pull” factors (some of which will be outside the firm’s control) that will
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The LLP Agreement of any professional firm is a living document, as it is a constant reference point throughout the business cycle of the firm. As well as containing day-to-day management and decision-making provisions, an LLP Agreement needs to adequately
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Individuals who may be described as “neurodivergent” bring a plethora of skills and different perspectives to an organisation, offering firms a sustainable, competitive advantage that will be particularly beneficial in the current economic climate. Harnessing and embracing the cognitive divergence
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