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Episode 2 of Chaotic Lawful is out. In it, I interview Becki Lee, an IP attorney at Seyfarth Shaw, about Seyfarth Lean, the firm’s process management system utilizing lean and six sigma principles. New to process management? Here are some links to give you an idea of what those terms mean and how they apply to legal practice. Wikipedia – Six Sigma Wikipedia – Lean enterprise Practice Innovations newsletter What is Seyfarth Lean? Legal
I am getting in on the podcast game. It’s called Chaotic Lawful and will focus on change in the legal industry. The first episode is linked here. Most of the episode is a long introduction, but the last portion addresses a new Nature article about algorithmic bias. Following is a link to the article and a few related ones: Bias detectives: the researchers striving to make algorithms fair This is a blind spot in
Did you see this study? If you follow #legaltech in any online sphere, it was ubiquitous. AI vs. Lawyers [pretty infographic here, 40-page PDF – you have to submit your name and email to download it directly from Lawgeex] Which led to such headlines as: Artificial Intelligence More Accurate Than Lawyers for Reviewing Contracts, New Study Reveals Study Confirms: AI Outperforms Experienced Attorneys At Reviewing Contracts AI Beats Human Lawyers At Their Own
Welcome! This is StrangeLaw, Esq.: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legal Technology. I’m Eli Edwards, and I’m an Emerging Technologies Research Librarian at Santa Clara University School of Law. Per the job title, I wanted to have a space to discuss legaltech issues and how Santa Clara Law is approaching them. Now, on with the show! My inaugural post is, most fittingly, about robot lawyers. Of all of the talk about chatbot…