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While thousands of Haitians and Central Americans fleeing violence and persecution were being repelled by Border Patrol agents on horseback on the southern border, summarily deported to Haiti, and returned to Mexico to suffer, the US undertook a large-scale evacuation
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Recent images of Afghans evacuated to the US being welcomed at American airports, and Haitians at the US-Mexican border being beaten back by Border Patrol agents on horseback to block them from seeking asylum protection in the US, have raised
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On September 11-12th, 2021, Kennett Square will celebrate its 36th Annual Mushroom Festival.  (SHG Immigration Law is one of the festival’s sponsors).  The theme for this year’s festival is “Rooted in the Community” as a way to celebrate
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For better or worse, anybody who has ever spent more than 5 minutes in my office would know that I play bachata music throughout the workday.  I also like to dance Bachata (which I do poorly) and take weekly classes
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