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Role of conciliation If you are UK worker, or rather working under a contract falling within the jurisdiction of the UK’s employment tribunals service, and you wish to claim against your employer, you will lodge a claim with the Employment Tribunal or, in rarer cases, with the County Court. Except, if you are bringing a … Continue reading “A solution to the employment tribunals’ backlog?” The post A solution to the employment tribunals’ backlog? appeared…
Two systems of thought Whether you are a prospective claimant or a company responding to an employment law claim, the pressures of litigation are likely to demand your attention and draw you into a series of time-limited actions. In his influential 2011 book Thinking Fast and Slow, the Nobel-prize winning behavioural psychologist Daniel Kahneman described … Continue reading “Is legal advice worth it?” The post Is legal advice worth it? appeared first on Alex MacMillan: