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Our firm strives to combine big firm experience and know how with a small town approach of caring personally about our clients and their matters. We believe that every client matter may be the most important legal matter that client will ever face, and we work diligently to handle the matter with the corresponding care, professionalism, and expertise that such matters demand. Our clients trust us with their most important problems, and we work hard to find and achieve cost-effective, client-oriented solutions to these matters.

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Late August marks the 20th anniversary of my life in the law.  20 years since I was a first year law student at the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Reflecting back on the decisions that led me to Mr. Jefferson’s law school, I remember that the “where” question was the driving question for me as I embarked on this career path.  Ask any prospective law student.  “Where are you going to…