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February brings us the beautiful Coco! Her person is 3L Hope Skypek. Coco is 1 year old and likes birdwatching, playing with her toy mice, stealing human food at every opportunity (especially chips), and wrestling with her cat brother, Freddie.

Our December Law Dawgs are the super cute Baby (big brindle) and Banana (little brindle). Their person is 3L Kirsten King. Baby’s and Banana’s interests include synchronized sun bathing, barking at squirrels, belly rubs, and massive PDA.

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Meet November Law Dawg Louie, whose person is 2L Allison Richards. Louie’s interests: watching geese in Piedmont Park, munching on pumpkins, rooting for the Dawgs, and having birthday parties with his sister!

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October’s Law Dawg is Oscar, companion to Professor Lori Ringhand. Oscar is a ferocious fluff ball who excels at being adorable and dreams of being a movie star when he grows up.

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Our final Law Dawg from the Class of 2023 comes from Nick Brown. Harley is a hound mix, constantly in search of treats, affection, and someone to chase her around. While Harley normally resides with Nick’s neighbor, Nick argues that