vLex.com is the most advanced provider of legal information, offering access to contents from more than 140 countries in 13 different languages.

The company has agreements with global publishers such as ProQuest, Gale Cengage Learning, the United Nations Publications, the World Bank Publications, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Oxford University Press and more than 940 independent publishers worldwide.

Our clients from over 40 countries access more than 50 million legal documents available from our advanced platform. vLex.com has over 150 employees of 25 different nationalities. The company has its headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico D.F., São Paulo, Caracas and San Francisco.

Prior to vLex’s acquisition of Justis Publishing, JustisOne was the company’s leading legal research platform, housing common law material from over 30 jurisdictions. Since launching in 2017, JustisOne has supported thousands of organisations worldwide and has been the home of