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  • "Through my blog I've been introduced to a number of people in the industry that I would not have been introduced to otherwise. It’s helped me to identify and stay in touch with trends that I wouldn't have necessarily been motivated to stay on top of otherwise, and it’s broadened my viewpoint on the legal industry in general. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without taking that first step to blog. I think it gave me a voice in my role, first as Director of Global Relationships then as Executive Director, it’s given me a lot of confidence. I really can’t emphasize that enough.”

    Lindsay Griffiths
    Executive Director, International Lawyers Network
  • Most of my business comes from my blog. Over the years, more and more business owners have grown tech savvy and decided to Google when they need help. With the right search, I come up on page one. They may not read everything, but they’ll get a sense from looking at my blog that “Hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about.” It’s been a real recipe for marketing success. It’s really worked because this is such a micro-niche practice.

    Peter Mahler
  • I’ve been contacted by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg and Employment Law 360. And, candidly, while I like to think of myself as a good employment lawyer, I know that the blog was a key part of that. There’s no other means to increase the profile, other than being one of the very, very few attorneys that have the highest profile cases in the nation. The blog is going to be a tool that gets you in the door and gets you some name recognition. I’ve become a better lawyer because of the blog.

    Dan Schwartz
  • One of the best things about blogging is the way it exploded my network. And now when I go to conferences, I have an excuse to talk to anybody."

    Jean O'Grady
    Sr. Director of Research & Knowledge, Dewey B Strategic
  • The blog has been our number one source of new clients. It really has been an amazing vehicle. The only thing I know that has worked to get legal work is a blog. Boy, does it generate business.

    Stuart Kaplow
    Attorney and Principal, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A.
  • I would be far less satisfied with my career with the practice of law. In 10 years of blogging, I’ve  found just wonderful content, connections with people on a professional level that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. I’ve been able to help people, many of whom are never going to hire me. That has been, I guess, the lasting effect of being a blogger. And for me, that’s been the most rewarding thing is to realize that in blogging, I’m now helping people.

    Jeff Nowak
    Shareholder, Littler

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