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Congratulations to Attorney Chuck Stohler, who was appointed as a Special Master by Connecticut federal court Judge Janet B. Arterton in a nationwide wage and hour class and collective action case pending in Connecticut.  Chuck was selected over several others

With increasing frequency, Mediation is being utilized to resolve civil disputes.  The reluctance of parties and attorneys to utilize the services of a neutral third party to facilitate settlement negotiations is slowly fading away and mediation is becoming an accepted

“Should employees and employers be allowed to agree that any disputes between them will be resolved through one-on-one arbitration? Or should employees always be permitted to bring their claims in class or collective actions, no matter what they agreed with

In a very noteworthy decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently reiterated its long-standing support for arbitration and the great deference it ordinarily gives to the factual and legal determinations of the arbitrators.  In Kellogg v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company (326