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The essential infrastructure of the internet has hit a critical juncture via the World Wide Web. The ability to create a web presence is easier than ever with a growing focus at building more faster. In the matter of an

I’ve made it a habit to research new topics constantly. My knowledge is my value. I can’t code (read html and CSS just fine). I’m not in an IT/Support role. I’m not an editor or really a writer (even with

Throughout the day I had moments, pauses really, where I considered what topic I was going to blog about. I had considered some “useful” evergreen topic like “call instead of email your clients”. Snooze.

I had also considered blogging about

I’ve been struggling for some time to write posts. This blog has suffered from a lack of direction since its inception over two years ago. As a result, I’ve allowed myself to become repeatedly stuck. This post is a first

The Fiancé and I recently attempt to visit a new restaurant for dinner, a hole in the wall Vietnamese place. We were tired, hungry, and unsure about what we wanted. We noticed several people sitting at tables and a person

For several months now I’ve been striving to push blog after blog to launch.

I’ve been jumping on phone calls, coordinating with multiple teams, and setting up as much as I can before launch day (subscribe forms, adding users, training,

For several months I’ve been working on honing my habits with Stephen Covey’s book. The last several weeks have been about formulating my Personal Mission Statement. I’ve had my share of existential crisis, but I’ve never had an existential challenge.