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I was an English Literature major in college. My fellow students who weren’t into literature used a service called “Cliff’s Notes” to avoid reading classical lit and poetry. I loved reading the stuff, so I had no need for a

When I am old,
I will bark at the stars in heaven.
I will buy a new car,
with sleek lines,
and race between the cinder blocks
lining the street in front of the house.
When I am old,

Okay children, I have been talking about ChatGPT a lot lately, “generative AI” for the computer scientists among you. Okay, none of us are computer scientists; but this description of generative AI by my mentor, Kevin O’Keefe, is a clear

I asked ChatGPT 4 who I am. This is the reply:
“Rick Georges is an attorney, legal technology expert, and writer based in Florida, USA. He has been practicing law for over 50 years and has extensive experience in civil